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Molecular basis of circadian rhythms Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Molecular basis of circadian rhythms - Article Example In a fast growing world where travelling is essential to many individuals, jet lag is a common denominator among those individuals. Scientifically speaking, this was mainly because of the disruption of the circadian clock. According to the study of Glossop, Lyons & Hardin, the circadian clock worked in an interlocked feedback loops that is further divided into two: a per-tim loop which is activated by dCLK-CYC and repressed by PER-TIM and a dClk loop which is repressed by dCLK-CYC and depressed by PER-TIM (766). Through these loops, it has been identified that there are five genes necessary for effective circadian rhythm, among of which include the period (per), timeless (tim), Drosophilia Clock (dClk), Cycle (Cyc), and double-time (dbt) (Glossop, Lyons & Hardin, 766). However, nothing can be observed without going through the gene level and oscillating the anatomical structures for sleep and wakefulness. Clock-controlled genes consist of input pathways, oscillator or pacemaker, and output pathways (Cermakian & Corsi, 59). As stated earlier, initiating circadian rhythm requires oscillation and this can be done only through a pacemaker or oscillator. Oscillation occurs automatically as this is a temporal program. A well-oscillated circadian clock has self-sustained rhythm during its long period, compensated with respect to the abrupt changes in the environment, predominantly exposed to cycles of light, temperature, food availability and predator, and has various difference in the assembly of cellular clocks (Merrow, Spoelstra & Till, 931). Without this pathways and oscillation, the rhythm of the circadian clock will definitely be disrupted. The study of circadian clock will not only help humans in adaptation but the agriculture and animal industry as well. Experts would be able to condition the organism to environmental changes. Farmers can manipulate the pthosynthetic activity of the plants to match the appropriate

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GRAMMAR PROJECT 2- Analysis of Internet Resources Research Paper

GRAMMAR PROJECT 2- Analysis of Internet Resources - Research Paper Example Other than nouns and articles, ESL students may also find it difficult to avoid usage of passive voice, a grammar structure discussed further in this paper. The first exercise is from The basic rules for using articles are clearly outlined. First, articles fall under two categories, that is, definite and indefinite. â€Å"A† is an indefinite article used before nouns describing non-specific objects or one object in a group of many, which begin with consonants (World English, 2004). Examples given include: Other rules provided by the exercise expressly state that articles should not be used with names of states, provinces or natural features, unless they are referring to a collection of the mentioned items. Additionally, articles should not be used when speaking about items in general. The principal purpose of this exercise is to enable learners to distinguish between definite and indefinite articles, as well as, to determine the article to use with specific nouns (World English, 2004). This is achieved through extensive use of credible examples. There are also exercises that give direct answers, enabling the learners to practice lessons learned about articles. The second article came from The article begins by recognizing the fact that the use of articles is largely problematic for non-native English speakers. The principal factor to consider in usage of articles is the category under which nouns fall as either countable or uncountable. Indefinite articles (â€Å"a† and â€Å"an†) can therefore be used with countable nouns but not the uncountable ones (Miller, 2005). The article is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, thus placing emphasis on its accuracy and credibility. Additionally, the resource gives detailed results of exercises done by ESL students showing their